A dialog of thoughts and ideas about software, usability, and products, with random science and wacky ideas thrown in for good measure.

Welcome to the newest incarnation of idea2product!

I intend to use this blog to spread the joy of transforming fascinating ideas into outstanding software products.  I will cover best practices and new innovations in the software lifecycle, the ups and downs of business and marketing, and most importantly of all, the travails and the glee of the end-user. I'll also expound on the thoughts, ideas, and projects that keep my mind churning and make me who I am.

This ought to be a fun and informative ride!
David said...
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David said...

There are still some formatting idiosyncrasies to fix in this blog. I've switched from WordPress to Blogger so I could format my blog to look similar to my website. I've been largely successful, but spacing is an issue - for some reason, the non-blocking spaces (nbsp's) in the crumb bar aren't showing up, and I can't get the proper padding above the entry titles.

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